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Campaigns in working

A list of campaigns still being designed.

- Gladius Imperium – A Fantasy setting inspired by Roman History and Mythology.
- Operation AEGIS – Aliens have invaded Earth and it is up to the organization AEGIS to stop them.
- SIDD – Supernatural Investigation and Defense Division
- The Drowned World – A magical disaster has left the world almost entirely underwater.
- Amarth – A Campaign set in a fantasy world after the Chosen one failed to fulfill the Prophecy and the Dark Lord won.
h2. Finished campaigns

A list of campaigns finished and ready to play.

- Bloodmoon of Vern – A fantasy setting for Pathfinder.

Throw Away ideas

The location for ideas currently not in use

- Elohim – A project to create a setting/system that allows players to take on the roles of Elohim (Gods) in an infinite universe that can house millions of different worlds.
- Illunis – A world that fears a vengeful sun, Illunis has evolved in the light of their moon.

All listed information was written and created by Erik Long. Anyone interested may use this information for their own games, but may not publish it without my consent. Please don’t make me poor and bitter! :D

Main Page

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