Important Campaign Information

The following is a list of important campaign related information that I have either yet to find a place for or is mostly mechanical information that will disrupt the campaign setting info. This wiki is subject to change frequently, but I shall alert you when it does.

  • Remember that you are all a part of the Explorer’s League. (wiki coming soon) Your duty is to re-exploring the world, delving into ancient wonders and collecting lost relics for the betterment of the world. The Explorer’s League is also under the umbrella of the Templars, meaning it is technically a religious organization. Therefore, certain character concepts simply won’t work. While having a high diplomacy might be useful, playing a diplomat may be unhelpful. Also, while the unfathomable powers of a wizard who sold her soul to demons might seem useful, the order of knights may have something to say about it.
  • There are no horses in my campaign, including horse like creatures such as Unicorns and Pegasuses… which is apparently the proper way of saying more than one pegasus. Therefore, nations across the world use different and unique riding animals. Camels, Ostriches, and other animals are used, as well as more mythical animals such as drakes, dire wolves and more. I challenge you to come up with unique mounts if you want one (or are granted one by your class). Of course, I am free to deny any.
  • Work with me here people!
    By that, I mean I kind of designed the campaign in such a manner that players would have the opportunity to play a wide variety of classes and races without being too restricted. My intent was to give most classes at least two national backgrounds that they could choose from. So if a player wanted to be a monk, they could choose between belonging to Mifan (the china/japan island of my campaign) or the Ajir Monks (who live a harsh, ascetic life style). But that means I also would like some help with your concepts to be completely counter to my ideas. I don’t want anyone playing a Picta Gunslinger, because the idea of someone from Picta (a nation famed for their lack of technology and naturalistic ways) picking up the secret technology from Hidalgo and Fiore, just makes me sad. And Sad GMs turn their sadness into anger. And anger leads to hate. And hate leads to suffering. Yours. >:D
  • I get it. I suck at spelling and grammar. I have written a lot of this stuff without editing yet and will get around to it.
  • Language
    Language in my campaign works slightly different. The list of languages is drastically reduced. The reason for this is because 9/10ths of the nations once belonged to a singular empire. Therefore, they all speak the common language of that empire or dialects of it. Therefore, most nations speak Imperial, even if it is Picta Imperial (which might include a few more Elvish-y words) or Gaad Imperial (with more grumpy dwarf words) or Ajirian Imperial (with more ‘damn its hot’ in their words). The exception to this is Mifan, who never belonged to the Great Empire and therefore, never learned their language.

The Language list is as follows:
Imperial (Includes all dialects) – use by most nations
Mifan – Spoken almost only within Mifan
Draconic – Language of the Dragons, Drakes and the Drake Riders. Also, popular form of writing magical texts.
Demonic – Languages of Demons, Devils and Demon kin.
Druidic – Secret druid language
Celestial – Language of the gods and divine creatures

Players will not need to invest large amounts of points into languages.

  • Dwarves
    Dwarves are a unique race. Unlike other races, all Dwarves are crafted from the stone. A master takes a stone, crafts a Dwarven statue and the artifact the Soulstone gives it life. The Soulstone turns the stone into flesh and blood, although some do still have pieces of the earth in them, (stone fragments, diamond-like eyes, etc.) They are identical to Dwarves in the book, but with this exception. Also, there are no female dwarves. (They are sexist.) Technically, there aren’t male dwarves either, but who is paying attention. :D
  • Ratfolk (Link to mechanical info. Ignore the story section, as it does not apply to my setting)
    Ratfolk are almost always considered the lowest sentient form of life by other species. Few nations take kindly to them and more than a few of them treat them like beast to be hunted. The life of a Ratfolk can be nasty, brutish and short. They frequently dwell in the gutters of many large nations, hiding as long as they can before chased out, living on the scraps of the nation. A few nations, such as Picta and Mifan, do not turn away Ratfolk and the Ajir will welcome Ratfolk Magi into their schools if they come. The Ratfolk have no written or oral history and their mistreatment by the other nations makes it difficult to trace their origin. However, the Templars have found them innocent of any demonic influence and declared them equal to all races. A few have even joined the order and become crusaders for Ratfolk rights.

Important Campaign Information

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