History of Vern

Much has been lost. For nearly a thousand years, the land of Vern has been trapped in a constant war against the force of Hell. Because of it, nearly all history of our ancient past has disappeared, perhaps never to be found again. But some history remains and soon, with the help of the Explorer’s League, we will once again know our world.

No one is sure of how old our world is. There are some dragons who count their years in the tens of thousands and they will tell you of ancient dragons from their youth, if they do not devour you first. However, dragons do not keep written records and they are prone to mislead the ‘lesser’ races, making them unreliable. The oldest known historical writings tell of the Great Empire that had spread all across the land. The Great Empire was so powerful that no other nation could stand against it and they were all assimilated into it. The Empire brought a unified language and culture to all of Vern. Only the nation of the Mifan Empire remained free, but the reason for this remains unknown.

No one knows what created the Blood Moon. The Age of Blood began 798 years when the first Blood Moon rose into the sky. The Blood Moon permitted the forces of Hell to enter our world in droves every 28 days when it rose, instead of the normal three moons. The Great Empire was unable to survive the internal struggle of an onslaught of demonic forces and it soon fell.

In the chaos of the collapsed Empire, several small nations grew. The Great Empire was too large and unable to deal with such a large internal threat. However, the small nations quickly formed and withheld in the face of impossible odds. The Dwarf Clans of Gaad were the first, quickly withdrawing into their mountain fortresses and isolating themselves. Only a few decades later, the Ajir magi overthrew the Corrupted Pharaoh and created the Ajir Caliphate. Eventually, the Pictafiore Empire (Which would later separate into Fiore Kingdom and Kingdom of Picta ) became a powerhouse in the north while the Champina Republic was unifying in the south. The harsh tundra of Tsarian Gallica united under the common goal of survival in the east. The people of Drackenberg were the last nation to rise from the ruins of the Great Empire, as the demonic hordes had made the Darckenberg lands their stronghold. But the order of Teutonic Knights and the Drake Riders were able to establish the lands as their own. Necropolis did not form until 400 years into Age of Blood and Hidalgo formed less than 70 years ago.

The peoples of the Age of Blood were trapped in a constant state of war. The endless demonic hordes reinforced once a lunar cycle and people were on a near constant defensive. Some records state there were other kingdoms, that fell during this age, but no one knows for certain. However, the formation of the Templars turned the tide. The Templars were a powerful order of knights and all other knightly orders come from them. The Templars organized the war effort against the demonic hordes.

One of the greatest accomplishments of the Templars was the organization of the Council of Kings. Located in Templora, the Templar capital, the Council of Kings let the rulers of all nations speak and plot on neutral grounds. It was the Council of Kings who planned the Battle of Hell’s Gate.

At the Battle of Hell’s Gate, the massive armies of all the nations marched against the demonic capital on Vern and in a battle to shake the world, the Demon King was slain. With his death, the Blood Moon vanished and the demonic forces scattered to the winds.

The Battle of Hell’s Gate was 40 years ago and the world has begun rebuilding. The second generation of children born to a world with a blood moon has come to age. In an attempt to recollect what was lost from the Great Empire, the Templars and the Council of Kings have organized the creation of the Explorer’s League to search through the ruins of the ancient past. Not only do the powerful artifacts and magic’s lost to the ages important to rebuilding but the Templars have a great desire to learn the greatest secret; What created the Blood Moon and how can they prevent it from coming again.

History of Vern

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