Explorer's League

The Templars created the Explorer’s League not long after the victory at the Battle of Hell’s Gate. With the demonic hordes defeated, the Templars turned their sights to the past for guidance. The Great Empire was, according to legend, home to many lost technologies, magics and artifacts. Their ruins dot the landscape and tell the tale of the years just before the first Blood Moon.

The Explorer’s League’s goal is to explore these ruins in search of these lost relics so that they might be used to better Vern. Some believe this has already happened with Hidalgo and Fiore’s discovered of gunpowder and the Templars hope to create a better world.

But the Explorer’s League has a second goal that is even more important. No records of what created the first Blood Moon exist and the Templars are afraid that whatever it was could happen again. They hope the League will locate some clue that will protect future generations.

The Explorer’s League has drawn in people from all over the world. While the work is dangerous, the benefits attract many. Those working for the League are allowed free travel across all nations, receive size-able stipends and access to many artifacts and magical items, which they can sometimes keep for themselves or sell to the Templars or other magical collectors. Those capable of surviving delving into ruins full of traps, collapsing architecture an probably filled with monsters, it can be a wealthy job.

The League organizes workers into teams based on their various strengths. To keep things civil, the League coordinates their teams to prevent multiple teams fighting over rich artifacts and to protect the ruins.

Explorer's League

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